Be the Needle. Move the needle By Fernando Segal

A few days ago, several people were interested and asked me about the TBD Tennis Innovation Week event that we are organizing, about its purpose and objectives. Here is part of my answer to them.

I must mention that TBD is innovation in action, I remarked.

TBD is for innovators, for those who think outside the box, those who want to contribute, for creators, for those who are often not heard, for all those who inspire and motivate, for those who are not happy with the current reality of our sport, for those who see things differently, for those who believe that more is possible for tennis, for those who follow the rules and for those who want to create new options, for those many who want to change the status quo.  You can disagree with them, recognize them, or attack them, but the only thing you cannot do is to ignore them, because they are what I call “agents of change”. They are the ones that in different areas of our world push humans forward to improve. Some consider them crazy, reactionary, or different, but we see their genius, the potential they have, what they can contribute or already do because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do it.

I tell everyone, TBD is the needle, it serves to connect us, to generate construction, relationships, union, cooperation and exchange, and many times to heal something that was broken. In addition, the needle serves to sew different elements and unite them in a common purpose, with strength, resistance, and service to whoever uses it. The needle is at the service of the consumer.

The needle, with a small touch, helps us to be alert, wake up, sensitize us, improve what we do. We agree that systematic innovation is not on the agenda of tennis organizations, neither for the dialogue to improve the industry, nor in education platforms for coaches and players. There are so many opportunities, so we must continue to improve.

We study very little, we share less, we know little about others, we do not work as a team, we have not learned from the successes or failures of others so as not to commit them and thus improve ourselves, because we do not have room for that. There is always discussion about participation in tennis and growing the sport, but those who are on the ground, working hard to make it grow, institutionally or privately, are not invited to the conversation.

We need to evolve, create a pathway for the development of our sport towards the future. We need to be more active, channeling our passion and love for our sport to build bridges between all people involved to demonstrate that we are at the height of any industry. Mainly, bringing back Wingfield´s spirit of vision, innovation, passion, business mentality, and human development.

These are just some of the reasons why we developed TBD Tennis Innovation Week. More motivations for TBD coming soon.

Be the needle. Move the needle. Be on TBD!!


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