Thoughts of the Week – January 11, 2021 Why do we teach tennis? (Part 1)

Each of us individually, or together as a team as part of an organization, operate at three levels of reference: What we do, How we do it and Why we do it. We all know what we do: the service we provide, the tennis programs we offer and what we do on a day-to-day basis. Most of them know how they do it and what they generate to differentiate themselves from the rest, although it is not so simple to clearly articulate why we do what we do.
I have always said that one of the main axes of our profession as teachers, teachers, tennis coaches (however you want to describe yourself) is to CONNECT with people and to CONNECT many people through tennis. In this sense, why we do what we do goes far beyond understanding what motivates and inspires us to teach tennis or earn money. In fact, to mention a crucial point of our activity, parents give us to teach throught our sport, the most important thing they have, their children.
So, we do much more than teach technical principles and setbacks, of programs and stages, those are rational elements of a structure and processes. We generate that emotional and influential connection that awakens and inspires the imagination, the illusion, the desire to be part, the values, the development of positive and constructive habits, the joy of playing, of being part, of belonging. Everything is part of our why.
The coaches who inspire, gain confidence, commitment, dedication and loyalty, are the ones who make us feel that we are achieving something more important than a hit or a play. That feeling of alliance “coach-student” with something superior is the reason why we continue and deepen, the path of development together. Always remember, the way we feel towards someone is more powerful than what we think about them. The same awakens on them. Why do we do what we do, why do we teach tennis (Regardless of whether some think it is to earn money and support their family, valid reasons, but not the fundamental ones) When you have your why in a clear way, you will be able to articulate in form specify what makes you feel fulfilled and better understand what motivates your behaviors at all times. In addition, you will be able to inspire others, develop with you, trust you and commit to the process and necessary delivery of all.
Always working with your purposes, you will achieve that by understanding your why, you build the best opportunities for others. Getting through these days and this unique moment will require a renewed sense of persistence, tenacity, vigor, faith, compassion, empathy, and grace. Realizing the opportunities and obstacles that live in the same environment are part of the challenge and we are together in that search. Our ability to set goals, our whys to see the positive side of seemingly difficult situations becomes a true mental strength.
Challenges are welcome and together we will overcome them in a process of continuous improvement and learning about who we are, why we do what we do and accepting how to work with each one. Recognizing then, that we are the problem / challenge and we are the solution. By fully committing ourselves each day to being a positive change agent and positive difference maker in as many lives as possible, for our purposes.
Some recommendations to get started:
+ Lead with passion and enthusiasm, creating with strategy, communicating with feeling and conviction and promoting development with purpose.
+ Understanding that if you want to travel fast, travel alone. But if you want to travel far, travel together.
+ Identifying your purposes and your needs.
+ Recognizing the present and building with vision.
+ Realizing that the things you do for yourself go away when they go. But the things you do for others are still your legacy tomorrow.
+ Be intentional with your decisions. Practicing responding, not reacting.
+ Admitting your mistakes and difficulties and welcoming different points of view.
+ Building your world with purpose
We do not teach tech principles (Although they are part of the process) we connect with people, with students, with defined purposes, where we transfer who we are, we generate an environment of mutual growth, we inspire, motivate, challenge, commit ourselves, generate values, habits, illusions, ideas, culture, convictions, journeys and so much more to describe, understanding that understanding why we do what we do profoundly influences both the macro and the micro.
I´m asking you what your why do you teach?
Hug and the best for 2021, full of purpose and tennis. (Next week part 2)

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