We announce the launch of the Casablanca-SI / IDTC Club High-Performance Center for players in training and development at regional, national and international levels.

With a great team of trainers composed of Pancho Pavón, Paco Torres, Jafet Banuelos, Manuel Tejada, Tom van Doren, Guillermo Garciatorres and others, accompanied by physical preparations, the coordination of the Department of Psychology of Galatea Cristaldi and an assistance team for every player.
With 12 tennis courts, complete gym, physical workspaces, evaluation materials and with 25 players currently training, it is another project of the Casablanca-Segal Institute and IDTC project.

EXTERNAL PLAYERS may enter for programs: full-time, part-time, evaluation fields, training camps, tournament preparation, scheduled tours, work team training and models of distance player development programs.

A unique challenge for the players of Mexico City, State of Mexico and the rest of the country.

The entire network of IDTC clubs are integrated into this project for the next step of training players and developing programs with the objectives: University Scholarship for your Tennis in Mexico and USA and International Performance and Competitions Program.

12 full courts and a great team to develop more and better tennis … we are waiting for you

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