In the city of León, we signed the agreement for the development of the entire tennis program at the Club Campestre de León, the Segal Institute and IDTC. Returning to the club with our system after a period of time.
For the signing of the contract were presented the President of the Tennis Committee Lic. Luis Gerardo Vázquez, the General Director Ing. Jaime Díaz Otero and Fernando Segal.

Likewise, the renowned coach Benjamin Martínez, who initiates activities of the SI tennis development program, joins the project as director of Tennis SI-IDTC.

Congratulations to all who made this project possible, the members of the Tennis Committee and Directors of the Campestre de León Club and all the SI and IDTC management teams Gabriel Fainguersch

This is the 18th club using the methodologies of the Segal Institute and the IDTC operation.

Great job in pursuit of tennis development. To everyone involved THANK YOU ...

Our purpose and commitment is more and better tennis.

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