Tennis Talent Tour (TTT) its launched in Argentina.

The international circuit of development of players from 8 to 12 years that designed and produced with Jaramillo Gabriel, Alvaro Bedoya and Fernando Segal, three international experts in generating tennis and tennis players, has been launched in Argentina.

With a great presentation at the Racket Club of Buenos Aires, representatives TTT Argentina, Horacio Alderete, Fernando Cassina and leadership teams, gave a press conference today, launching the circuit that will integrate more than 2000 players from 8 to 12 years old. women and men, in 14 regional tournaments, dozens of qualifying tournaments in more than 50 clubs and a National Master in November.

The Tennis Talent Tour for 2019, integrates tournament circuits in several countries in which stand out: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Uruguay and USA.

In each country, the best of each category will travel to Florida, USA as a team representing their country, to play the events of: LittleMo Cup, Club Med Master TTT and their registration will be paid to those who play the Orange Bowl,

TTT has the support and production also of: @ClubMedAcademies @Segal Institute @gabejaramillo @tennisondemand @JaramilloSegal Systems.

Great work by Horacio and Fernando with Eva, Julieta and all the members of the work team and GMTA. Congratulations. We also appreciate the participation of all the businessmen, technicians, journalists and tennis people who were present at the conference.

Soon, launch Colombia with 11 TTT tournaments (July) and later, Mexico (August) and the following TTT countries.

My purpose, always generating more and better tennis.

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